Electrical Drum: Roland V-Drum TD-17KVX
Dec. 2022 - current
N. Shibata provided this to me.
Utilize this for recording songs.
('22 12)
Electrical Guitar: Ibanez
Guitar Amp: Ibanez
Dec. 2020 - current
Mark E. provided these to me.
They are in very good shape.
They are used for party and practice.
(’20. 12.)
Headphone: TASCAM TH-200X
Nov. 2020 - current
Replacing old headphone.
It is used for all recordings here on.
(’20. 12.)
Audio Interface: Forcusrite Scarlett 2i2
Oct. 2020 - current
Utilize this audio interface for recording song in PC
DAW software is Cakewalk.
All BLACKSPOT songs are recorded with these from here on.
(’20. 12.)
Keyboard: CASIO COP-100
Jul. 2015 - current
Utilize this for recording songs after 2015.
('15. 7)
Studio: 2nd MindBuzz Studio (Commerce Twp., MI)
Apr. 2010 − current
It is the current original studio for BLACKSPOT.
All the latest songs are recorded here.
('10. 4)
Studio: Original MindBuzz Studio (Wixom, MI)
2005−Oct. 2009
It was the original studio for BLACKSPOT.
1st album "Love Is The Way" was recorded here.
Total of 24 songs were recorded at this studio.
('09. 10)
Electrical Guitar: Gibson Les Paul Vintage Mahogany
I finally got Gibson Les Paul after all these years.
I love this guitar feel, sound, and shape.
It becomes one of my favorite guitar.
It will be one of BLACKSPOT's
main electrical guitar from now on.
('08. 8)
Guitar Amp: Marshall MG30DFX
It is my second guitar amp.
This 30W Marshall combo amp gives
nice clean sound to heavy distortion sounds.
It also have Reverb, Delay, Chorus, and Flange effects.
It also has FDD function, and gives various sounds.
It is a pretty good guitar amp.
('08. 8)
Acoutstic Guitar: Taylor 410−CE-L4
It's got the pick-ups.
I fell in love with this Taylor acoustic sound.
It is my favorite and BLACKSPOT's
main acoustic guitar.
('08. 8)
Electrical Guitar: Fender Stratocaster
It is the first electrical guitar that I bought.
Fender 40th Anniversary Strat.
It is my favorite electrical guitar
that I've used to record all the songs.
It is BLACKSPOT's main electrical guitar.
('08. 8)
Guitar Effects: DigiTech GNX3
Multi effects pedal with amp module.
All the BLACKSPOT guitar sounds are created by this.
('08. 8)
Bluesharp: HOHNER
These are the bluesharps that
used in many of BLACKSPOT songs.
('08. 8)
Vocal Mic.: Audio-Technica AT4033a
It's my first vocal mic.
It is used for BLACKSPOT vocal recording
for all the songs.
('08. 8)
MTR: Yamaha AW16G
This is my third MTR .
The first on was Fostex tape 4 track.
The second was Tascam tape 8 track.
This is my first digital 16 track recorder.
All BLACKSPOT songs are recorded
and mixed using this till 2021..
('08. 8)
Keyboard: Yamaha DGX-200
I got it used. It was free!
It'll be used for BLACKSPOT songs
from here on.
It was given to a friend around 2015.
('08. 8)
Acoustic Guitar: Mitchell MD-100
The first acoustic guitar that I bought.
I used to record the songs
with it prior to BLACKSPOT.
Currently, I'm using it for practice
and playing at party.
It's at living room,
so I used this guitar the most.
('08. 8)
Electrical Bass: Squire Jazz Bass
I got it used.
This is the second bass for me.
I used to use a very old bass that
I got from my brother long time ago.
I use this bass for all BLACKSPOT songs.
('08. 8)
I got it from Kat Hara who was
a guitarlist in the band "Gravity".
This is the only base amp that I have.
('08. 8)
Electrical Guitar: Epiphone Special Model
I got it used.
I'm mainly using it for party and practice.
('08. 8)
Guitar Amp: Fender Mini Tone-Master
This one is actually a hand size mini amp.
It's small, but fun to play with at small party.
('08. 8)
keyboard: CASIO CT638
First Keyboard used.
Used as piano in earlier BLACKSPOT songs
such as "Ai No Uta", "Never Too Late", etc.
It was given to a friend around 2012.
('08. 8)
Guitar Amp: Peavey
This is my first guitar amp that I owned.
I used it from 1993 to 2007.
It was always with me when I played my guitar.
I feel sad that I can't listen to the sound out of
this amp any more.
('07. 9)
Classic Guitar: SUZUKI
This is the very first guitar I ever played.
I don't use it for recording a song much,
but I still play it time to time.
It's been a long time since I've had this guitar,
and it still gives nice soft classic sound.
('06. 6)
Drum Set: MAPEX
I've been using this for more than ten years.
It is used for all the BLACKSPOT's songs recorded.
('06. 6.)
This picture is on site.
At N.Y. Rockefeller Center Cafe.
('05. 10.)
My former car: Acura RSX
Dec. 2001 - Dec. 2005
('05. 10.)
This picture is on site.
At Elephant bar.
('05. 2.)

Copyright (c) 2005, Tomohiko Oshio, All rights reserved.