Over Sep. 28th, 2006
Words & Music by Tomo


Every morning, I wake up and ask to myself
Is this what I'm looking for? Do I see the smile inside?
Another day begins, but it's just like yesterday
Nothing makes me feel excited through night and day

Time is quietly surely passing by
I'm still standing here at the same old place

So I say
This time, it's over
and I've gotta find another way
This time, it's over
now I'm gonna find the better way

I work all day, and I don't even see the bright blue sky
Is this the life I wanna live? Do I see the light inside?
In this busy world, there is darkness in my eyes
I haven't seen a real good color for a past few years

* Repeat

** Repeat

All the things I've done before, I won't regret
There were good time and bad time, I won't forget
But now things always stay the same,
I have nothing to get
Yeah, it's time to remind myself I've gotta make a change
I've gotta leave the past behind

** Repeat X 2
Instrument played by:
Tomo : Vocal, Rythm Guitar,
Lead Guitar, Drum, Bass,
Blues Harp,@Background Vocals.


This song was written in Jun 2005.
It was recorded on Sep. 28th, 2006.
It was released on the internet on Sep. 30th, 2006.

This song is about moving on to the next stage in the life. Things stay the same, but the time is passing by. It's been a while since I saw the real smile.

It's over now.
I've got to find the new life!

This is the acoustic guitar song with the hope to the future.