Never Too Late Mar. 19th, 2005
Words & Music by Tomo


In your eyes, I see the pain
The troubles that you went thru made you cry
I know the pain, but now it's over
Everything is gone
You know you can start your new life
It's not too late to fly away into the sky

It's rainy day
It's dark outside
It makes you feeling down
Confusion is on your face
You don't know what to do

But you know there is sun light
shining thru the dark cloud
It's coming to your way
There's no more rain

* Repeat

But you see what you want to be
deep down inside of your heart
You know just try to be yourself

* Repeat

Never too late
Instrument played by:
Tomo : Vocal, Piano, Rythm Guitar
Lead Guitar, Drum, Bass,
Background Vocals


This song was written on Mar. 19th, 2005.
It was released on the internet on Mar. 25th, 2005.

This song is about that it is never too late to start your life over. Bad things can happen to put you down. People make mistakes. There might be something that you were doing totally wrong, but you didn't realize it.
Even if you were at the bottom of your life, as long as you are alive and realize what was going on, you can put your past behind and find yourself within.

You can always start over.
It's never too late.
Never give up!

I wrote this song by playing piano.
I like the melody and the phase of the chorus part.