It's Just Another Blues Feb. 3rd, 1994
Words & Music by Tomo

Hey babe, what's wrong with you?
You don't look so happy today.
If you got another bad story, you better tell me now.
So you don't have to go down down down to the end.
Then you forget about it 'cause all it is just another blues.

Hey honey, don't you stay in a room all the time.
Being alone is not so good thing to do.
If you got another sad story, you better not to worry.
'Cause it's already past, and you can't change it anyway.
So look at your future baby
'cause all it is just another blues.

It's a kind of too much.
I'm facing to the old same situation.
It's all the same. I'm doing my routine.
Troubles are all over me.
I better make a change.
So I'm singing this song called it's just another blues.
Instrument played by:
Tomo : Vocal, Rythm Guitar, Blues Harp,@Lead Guitar, Drum, Bass, Piano,@Background Vocals


This song was written on Feb. 3rd, 1994. Re-recording was completed on Jun. 21st, 2008. It was released on the internet on Jun. 24th, 2007.

This is just another blues! There are a lot of things happening in your life including bad things, sad things, things that get you down. Well, they are all just another blues. Look into bright side and go forward with your life. Things can only get better now!

Hey, it's just another blues!!
You will enjoy your life going forward!!

I love Blues and just had to make one blues tune of my own!!