Forever Jun. 22nd, 2006
Words & Music by Tomo


Tonight, you promised each other to stay together.
Among all the people, it's miracle that you found each other.

It's not easy to face all the troubles by yourself,
but you know you got some one to talk to.
Now you are gonna live as one.

Forever, this love will last forever.
It's gonna help you to get through the night.
It'll show you the way and give you warm feeling.
Together, this love will keep you together.
You're gonna share the joy, the dream and
everything you feel indside.

This love is forever.

* Repeat

** Repeat

This love is forever.
Instrument played by:
Tomo : Vocal, Rythm Guitar,
Lead Guitar, Drum, Bass,
Background Vocals.


This song was written on Jun. 22nd, 2006.
It was released on the internet on Jun. 24th, 2006.

This song is dedicated to my brother and his wife for their wedding. I wish them a wonderful life together.

Your Love will last forever.
Your Love will keep you together.

This is a simple acoustic piece with a lot of love.