All About Giving Love Apr. 4th, 2009
Words & Music by Tomo


Let's think about it.
Is it the way that is supposed to be?
Does it really mean much to you?

Let's Talk about what you want
and what you need.
Do you know your wants may not be what you need?

If you find yourself being obsessed by greed,
you'd better stop what you are doing and step back.

You know it's all about loving, baby.
Give your heart all the time.
Don't be afraid of sharing love.
You know it's all about loving, honey.
Hug and kiss with a big smile.
Living is all about giving love.

Let's think about it.
If you don't know what to do,
just laugh, give and share all your love.

There's an evil in your mind that could bring you down.
You've got to search and recoginize it.
Otherwise, you can never get it out.
so let's find out.

* Repeat
* Repeat

Instrument played by:
Tomo : Vocal, Rythm Guitar,
Lead Guitar, Background Vocals
Yukky : Drum, Bass


This song was completed recording on Apr. 4th, 2009.
It was released on the internet on Apr. 5th, 2009.

This song is about love. Everything we do has to be with love. Life's sometimes very tough, and people can get caught on busy lives, business matters, and whatever. But love will help you to get through the tough time. Living is all about giving love.

It's all about giving love!!

Thanks to Yukky for playing drum and Bass.
His play gives this song to come alive.

Special Thanks to: