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BLACKSPOT is Tomo's solo music project.@@Basically, all BLACKSPOT songs are written, arranged, recorded, and mixed by Tomo. All intruments in the songs are played by Tomo. Occasionally, other musicians participate in recording / creating some songs.

The main purpose of this site is to present BLACKSPOT's original songs.
I would like many people to listen to my songs and communicate through my music.

Besides presenting the songs, the site contains the information about BLACKSPOT, such as the latest news, the profile, the history, the photos, and the disccography. You can visit these pages to know more about BLACKSPOT.
Let's get closer to BLACKSPOT!

There are also BBS and link pages. BBS page is for all of us to communicate together. Please feel free to write anything you like to share with people, such as comment about the songs and the site, your life story, just saying "Hi", etc. Of course, you can talk to me directly by e-mail, too.
Let's talk together!

If you like this site, please let your friends know about it, too.
I would like to communicate with as many people as possible.

Let's listen to BLACKSPOT's original songs!!

Thank you for visiting.
Have a great time!!

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