A Bad Dream Dec. 25th, 2001
Words & Music by Tomo

Hey my woman, where did you go?
Hey my woman, don't you go away.

Just when I thought I had it all in my hand,
I lost it all.

I wish it were a bad dream.
Just a bad dream I'm having tonight.
I wish you were still there.
Right there next to me when I wake up in the morning.

Hey my woman, what did I do?
Hey my woman, how did you change?

Just when I thought everything was going all right,
it's taken away.

* Repeat

* Repeat X2

Instrument played by:
Tomo : Vocal, Rythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Drum, Background Vocals
Yusuke : Bass


This song was originally written on Dec. 25th, 2001, and it was included in Demo VII.
It was re-recorded on Apr. 29th, 2006.
It was released on the internet on Apr. 30th, 2006.

There was a time when I wished everything was just a bad dream. Things were going well, but something got changed. It all went wrong there on.

Was it real or just a bad dream?.......

I like the part going into the chorus.
Yusuke played the nice bass line, too.

Special Thanks to:
Mr. Yusuke N.