Would You Love Me Again? Apr. 9th, 2001
Words & Music by Tomo


If I hold your hands tonight, Would you love me again?
If I look into your eyes, would you love me again?
Howcan I forget about your sweet smile?
You know that you are always in my heart.

If I'm staying by your side, would you love me again?
If i tell you that I love you, would you love me again?
How can I forget about all these time
that we spent together? and you were in my arms?

And now, you want to go on your own
to find your way alone.
You want to leave me behind.
And now, I'm by myself, stand in the dark,
and I'm left in the cold place.
Where is this pain supposed to go?

Would you try to understand me?
Would you try to accept who I am?
Would you listen to your heart deep inside?
Can you feel our love that you can't take away?

* Repeat

If I tell you my story, would you love me again?
If I write this song for you, would you love me again?
Instrument played by:
Tomo : Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Drum, Lead Guitar, Bass, Background Vocals


This song was originally written and recorded on Apr. 9th, 2001, and it was included in Demo VII.
It was re-recorded on Sep. 20th, 2009.
It was released on the internet on Oct. 2nd, 2010.

This song is about a broken heart.
Talking about how she won't love anymore no matter what you do.
She wouldn't understand or accept you even after staying together for long time.

Would you?

I like the acoustic guitar in the beginning of the song, and the melody change in the middle of the song.