What Is Happiness All About? Oct. 29th, 1996
Words & Music by Randy S. & Tomo

In the morning, I wake up with the smell of coffee.
I feel a little bit of happiness.
The birds are singing.
The sun light's shining through the window.
I breath in fresh air, and I'm alive.

So I think It's a wonderful world.

Time has gone now. I've got a full time job.
I'm working sixty hours a week.
I'm down loading and uploading every single byte.
I don't know what I'm looking for.

So I think it's a tiring world.

I'm looking at moonlight and drinking the night away,
and feeling this emptiness deep inside.
Somebody tell me what we are all looking for.
Nothing fills the hole in my heart.
Tell me what happiness is all about.

So why is the phone always ringing?
and then why do I never want to answer the telephone?
So why am I writing a song?
because that's the way life does go.

* Repeat

Instrument played by:
Tomo : Vocal, Rythm Guitar,
Lead Guitar, Drum, Bass,
Background Vocals.


This song was written on Oct. 29th, 1996, and it was included in Demo V.
It was re-recorded on Jul. 29th, 2012 and released on the internet on Aug. 16th, 2012.

In this busy world, it seems like it's hard to feel happiness. Sometimes it's even confusing what the happiness is all about. But you know what? A simple little thing can make you feel happy.